Get to know music teacher/band director Mr. Penfound


Dominic Porter

Mr. Penfound is now finishing up his third year at Jackson-Milton, being the middle school and high school band teacher. He was originally from Elyria but has moved to Louisville with his wife and two sons named Hugo and Jameson. He graduated from the college of Wooster back in 2015 with a Bachelors degree in Music Education. He originally taught back from his former school in Elyria City Schools. He also taught at Woodsy’s Music of Media and East Holmes Local Schools.  Mr. Penfound says that in his spare time he, “enjoys playing board games and collecting them and loves to cook, especially during breakfast time and does a lot of home repairs.”

This year as the band teacher he has successfully put on three great concerts with a great range of repertoire. Concert winds traveled to Nashville and got to  perform in front of the Country Hall of Fame. Mr. Penfound says, “This year has been the best year yet for the music department.” This year they got 29 new sixth grade students in the band this year. That is the largest class he has in three years! They were even the first middle school band to perform in all three concerts. The marching band performed the most rigorous halftime show yet. They also got to attend their first band show in years. They also got to celebrate with their Inaugural Band Banquet and awards.

Mr. Penfound says, “I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish next year.”