New Teacher: Miss Kantaras


Ms. Kantaras

Sydney Miller Snyder

Welcome back students to the school year of 2018-2019!

As the new year starts there have been multiple changes compared to last year including the new printer limits, no wearing of the headphones the hallway, to a new science teacher!

Yes folks you read that right! This year we are introducing a new teacher to the Jackson-Milton family. Her name is Miss Kantaras, she teaches 9th grade Physical Science and 10th grade Biology. She is a first year teacher who studied and received her degree for Science Education from Youngstown State University. What gravitated Kantaras to Jackson-Milton High School was how it was a smaller school compared to others in the county.

Miss Kantaras stated, “I love Jackson-Milton so far and I am excited for the new year.”

Kantaras  stated, “ Yes I have always wanted to be a science teacher.”

Some of her students in her Biology class stated, “ Miss Kantaras is super nice and understanding when it comes to questions.”

Another one states, “She is nice and caring for her students.”

As you can see Kantaras has always been passionate for education and it is making an impact to help better the Jackson-Milton community and the lives of the students.