Meet Mr. Joy


Chloe Scandy

Mr. Joy is the Jackson-Milton tech teacher. He graduated from Lisbon, all throughout school he found computer science to be an interest of his. While science came easy to him, he still struggled in other subjects just as any student does. He graduated from YSU in 2021. After taking this job offer, he was surprised with how well he fit in with everyone. Teachers are the same as students, they still have first days and new people around them.

“I have enjoyed all of my interactions with students and staff. I think creating that connection is important.”

Mr. Joy teaches middle school STEM, mod tech, and self base programing. Along with teaching, he also took the role of a football coach and he explained the way he loved the game and planned on coaching. His favorite part of teaching his courses is that he can attempt to bring in lessons that his students will need for their higher education. He tries to show the students that self independence and work ethic are important for high school and college. 

“If my students learned anything from me, I would hope it would be to independently manage their time and work to achieve success.”

Joy also began a new team called ESports. They are a competitive video game club. He is very excited for this team to grow. The team will enter a bracket and play in tournaments throughout the year. Overall, Mr. Joy is a great addition to the Blue Jay family.

Welcome to JM, Mr. Joy!