Mrs. Martin adds new courses


Zachary Armstrong

Mrs. Martin is the Home Economics teacher at Jackson-Milton. It is her second year here and she has added some new and exciting programs such as Food and Fitness.  This program came about because athletes wanted to eat healthier food, so Mrs. Martin decided to create a new program for them.  Now they can go to class and explore healthy food options along with fitness.

Another new program available is Baking and Pastry Arts. This class is for the students who want to take things a step further and be more artistic with their food. Mrs. Martin decided to create this program for those students who excel at much higher levels in the kitchen so they would still feel challenged by their class work.

All in all, Mrs. Martin created both new programs for the students because she works to make her classes new and exciting.  For beginners out there, she also teaches skills for success and cooking/baking basics.  There are classes for every level.