October Board Meeting 2017

October Board Meeting 2017

Allyssa Simmers

On October 19, 2017, Jackson-Milton’s Board of Education met for their monthly meeting. During this meeting, our regular board members were included, they are the following: Pittman, Catania, Mascioli, Jones, and Huff.

They began with reviewing the September 21st Regular Meeting Minutes. The Superintendent’s Report included dates for the Veterans Day Program, the Fish Bowl at JMMS/JMHS, and teacher evaluations. Later on, they discussed the review and approval of the monthly  Audits, Finance, and Reconciliation Reports for September, 2017.

The treasurer recommended the Boards approval towards the following: the creation of a fund for the Class of 2021, the Student Activity Reports for the 2017-2018 school year, the creation of the Rotary Fund for the STEM/Lab class receipts and expenditures, the payment of $500 and $700 for the flag line and percussion instruction, and many other points to improve our district.

This meeting included a variety of important points to our school, district, clubs/sports, teachers, and students. As we look forward to the results of September and Octobers meetings, we also look forward to November’s meeting and what it brings.