JM Competition Cheerleaders advance to STATE competition!


TIffany Tingler

The Jackson-Milton cheerleaders have had an exciting cheer season so far!  They have placed in several competitions throughout the competition season and will advance to STATE this year in both competition routines!

The cheerleaders from Jackson-Milton high school have been practicing since the summer to be ready for their long cheerleading season. The girls have planned multiple pep rallies and have come up with fun dances and games to include the Jackson-Milton students and teachers. During the football season each cheerleader chose a football player to do part of a dance for one of the pep rallies. In another pep rally during the winter for the basketball season the girls picked a teacher to also do a little dance with. The Jackson-Milton cheerleaders have been practicing their cheer routine for their first upcoming competition on January 8th.

Freshman cheerleader Peyton Ford says, “We have an amazing team this year and I can’t wait to see how our competition season plays out! I love all these girls and couldn’t have made it this far without them.”

The cheerleaders performed their competition routine during a pep rally two days before their first competition. The girls work hard everyday at practice to make sure they put up their greatest performances.

Freshman cheerleader Abigail Bueno said, “I’m so excited to begin this season with my team! We have come very far and I know everyone is ecstatic for these next few upcoming months. I couldn’t be more lucky to have these amazing girls I have on my team who love and enjoy something just as much as I do!”

The cheerleaders have not only supported the football and basketball teams, but have also made appearances at some of the other sports’ senior nights like soccer and volleyball. The cheerleaders will also be going to one of the high school wrestling meets that Jackson-Milton is holding. The captains of the Jackson-Milton cheerleaders are Kelsey Hamm and Abbigail Yavorsky, and the girls are coached by Katherine Funes and Amanda Ford.

Head coach Katherine Funes says, “We are very excited for our competition season. Having taken second last year we are hoping to bring the championship home. We also have an elite team for the first time in a few years, so we are all very excited for what the season holds.”