SADD students encourage Unity, Kindness, and Positive Choices


Shane Davis

Mrs. Morelli and Mrs. Reyes advise SADD together and plan multiple activities throughout the year to promote kindness and encourage students to make positive choices.

On October 23rd Jackson-Milton wore orange to represent World Unity Day. Unity Day is a day to show your support against bullying. Orange is the national bullying awareness color. Red Ribbon Week has also been going on since the 1980’s and was started but parents to start a drug free epidemic.

On October 28th Jackson-Milton started Red Ribbon Spirit week, the first day was mix-n-match day. On this day SADD students passed out candy to kids in the school at 5:30 pm. The kids wore costumes and they toured the school getting candy from high schoolers.

Bailey Estes who wore Purple and orange socks for mix match day was asked why she thinks it’s fun to participate in spirit week, in which she replied, “Because it’s fun and you get to show people you have school spirit, also you get to stand out depending on what you wear.”

The second day was Red Day. They wore red because it’s SADD’s official color. Ryan Staton who wore red had this to say, “I usually never wear red, I don’t think anyone ever does but on the day almost everyone was in red.”

Wednesday the students dressed in Western Clothes. Some wore flannels and some wore cowboy hats but the whole school participated in the day even the middle school.

On Thursday it was Halloween so everyone dressed in costumes. There were a lot of students that wore unique costumes like pickles, rainbow cats and even a superhero or two.  SADD students also volunteered for a community Trick or Treat event at the high school earlier in the week.  There was a great turnout and many children came to enjoy the night.

Blue Jay Friday, on Friday the students always wear blue during a spirit week. This is to show school spirit and support the football team.

The next activity SADD has planned is for World Kindness Day.