JM Boys and Girls Basketball 2019 Tournament Wrap-up


Camryn Mitchell

Jackson-Milton high school has a wonderful sports program for girls and boys basketball. The Blue Jays fought for the title the whole season. Both teams were in the gym everyday for 2 hours, including Saturdays and Sundays. All season it was hard work and dedication, for both girls and boys. They Jays might not have had the best record but when tournaments come around it is a brand new season and the Jays were not going to let that stop them.

Senior Ashley Cameron says, “I was a part of going to state, winning districts, and I wanted to go there again to make history, this year was a learning season and we have been preparing for it all season, we did not stop working hard and I am so proud of my team.”

The Lady Jays started tournaments on February 20th, at home. They were playing against Lowellville who they have beat before. The Jays fought until the very end and won 67-15.They advanced to the next tournament at Lisbon high school. After traveling to Lisbon, the Lady Jays battled with the Blue Devils. The Jays pulled through in the final moments and the last free throws to secure the game 44-40. 

The Lady Jays advanced to then play the seated number one, McDonald Blue Devils. The Lady Jays started off the game against hot shooting Lady Devils, the Lady Devils were up 13 points by the half. That did not stop the Lady Jays, they held the Lady Devils to 0 points in the third quarter, and the Jays were only down by 3 points but the buzzer beater of the lady devils took the win only by 5 points. It may have been a loss but they Lady Jays didn’t give up, and played against the number one team in the league. The Lady Jays definitely did not take this as a loss and will be prepared for next year.

As for the boys basketball team, walking into the the season with a positive attitude and walked out with one, they knew this year was going to be difficult but they showed at practice and worked hard every day. The Blue Jays knew the tournament was going to be tough, but that didn’t bring them down.

Sophomore Cole Grope says, “Our record may have not shown it but we really worked hard and every one of us wanted to win, we may be a young team but we were ready.  We worked hard this year and will continue to put in the work.”

The Blue Jays opened up the tournament against Wellsville, the Blue Jays were definitely underestimated and impressed the crowd with their efforts.  The Blue Jays were defeated 67-47 in this round. They never stopped playing and the Blue Jays are very excited for next year.

Congratulations to both teams for all of their hard work this season!