Cold weather brings snow and ice, drive safely!


Rochelle Morelli

Shane Davis

It’s that time of year where the weather gets colder and the roads get slicker. Severe winter weather can be fun but also very dangerous and frightening. There have already been a significant amount of car accidents in Mahoning County this year all ready.

Student drivers often take tips from their parents to stay safe in the winter because most high school students are new to driving.

When asked what they learned from their parents, Student Nick Rich says, “My dad always told me to go slow and always pay attention because you can slide at any time.”

Sliding on the road is the most common type of car accident in the winter, you could slide off the road, into oncoming traffic or into other objects. Some of the best ways to avoid sliding are:

  1. Accelerate and decelerate slowly   
  2. Increase your following distance to eight or ten seconds
  3. Know your brakes
  4. Do not power up hills
  5. Just stay home and wait for the roads to clear up.