New Year Resolutions for 2018

Dana Saunders

The New Year is a time when people try to better themselves, seek new challenges and goals in honor of the New Year. I spoke with many students and staff members of the Jackson Milton High School about their resolutions for the New Year:


  • Freshman physical Science and sophomore biology teacher, Mr. Smith said “My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with my kids.”
  • Freshman, Nick McGinnis, “I would like to focus more on getting my work done on time.”
  • Sophomore, Anthony Eppendorfer, “ I want to get better grades.”
  • Freshman, Josh Demski, “I would like to make my mom proud and succeed.”
  • Freshman, Logan Grunder, “I would like to be more active.”
  • Freshman, Camryn Mitchell, “I want to try harder to be nicer to people.”
  • Freshman, Jenna Jones, “My New Year’s resolution is to gain more muscle.”
  • Freshman, Andrew Bouch, “I want to get my permit this year.”
  • Freshman, Noah Kramer, “I want to excel in sports this year.”
  • Freshman, Alex Hyder, “This year I want to focus on getting better grades.”
  • Sophomore, Megan Fultz, “I am trying hard to get my work done and eat healthier.”
  • Freshman, Mason Robison, “This year I want to focus on having all A’s”
  • Freshman, Karli Dillinger, “Be more active and to accept myself for who I am.”
  • Freshman, Luke Campbell, “I want to letter in basketball.”
  • Freshman, Anthony Terranova, “I would like to maintain my 4.0 GPA.”
  • Freshman, Kelsie Taylor, “To exercise more often.”
  • Freshman, Garrik Catania, “I want to focus on gaining more muscle.”