Winter Blues? Things to do!

Allyssa Simmers

December is here, it is getting colder, and we all may be bummed out.  Living in Northeast Ohio brings a disappointing feel to every season, due to nothing being around here in terms of things to do.  Many suffer from seasonal affective disorder, the condition in which someone suffers from depression around the same time every year.  

Here are a couple of things to reassure you that winter here, or anywhere in general, isn’t that bad.  You could jump into the usual winter activities and engage in building a snowman, go sled riding, build a snow fort/igloo, drink hot chocolate, or simply just sit inside with family and enjoy the winter scenery from the warmth of the fireplace.

If you travel during the holidays, many big cities have outdoor ice skating rinks that call for many pictures and lots of fun, or failure depending on your skills. Even if you aren’t a traveler, locations near us to take part in these activities include Mill Creek Park and the Kent State ice skating arena.  

Putting up Christmas decorations and winter decor is a family tradition in many households.

Many sports occur during winter time. These sports include basketball, hockey, snowboarding, skiing, and figure skating. You can take part in these sports, if you have the ability to, or you can watch them.

Other options include playing indoor laser tag, bowling, attending the gym, and indoor soccer for a school or recreational team.  Whether you are trapped indoors for the dreary months of winter, or you are engaging in activities, or enjoying others’ winter activities, there are many options this winter to save you from the cold.