Harry M. Lay Tournament began with 2 determined young players

Justin Rentz, Staff Writer

The Harry M. Lay Elementary School Basketball tournament is a tournament started in 1980 by Clyde Lay and Ron Clark. This year is the 36th year of the event taking place. Schools from all over the area come to Jackson-Milton on the weekends for a competitive basketball tournament. The tournament all started when Ron Clark and Clyde Lay saw that there was only one tournament in the area. Since there was only one and they could not get in, they decided to start their own. The Harry M. Lay is named after Clyde Lay’s father, Harrison Lay.

Today, Samantha Metts works the clock at all of the games. Samantha Metts is the granddaughter of Clyde Lay. Danielle Metts also worked the clock during her high school career. The Lay’s have done a lot to help the Jackson Milton school district. The basketball tournament raises a lot of money for the school and that is how kids sign up for baseball also. The Harry M. Lay will be at the school for a long time.