Annual Pasta Dinner raises funds for student athletes

Justin Rentz, Staff Writer

The pasta dinner is a fundraiser that is planned every year by the JM Sports Club. The money that is made goes towards the different sports clubs. A lot of money is raised every year for the various sports clubs, as it is one of the top fundraisers.

The pasta this year was made by Jolene Robison. Everyone agreed that the pasta was delicious. Student athletes from various different sports came to help the flow of the pasta dinner.  Numerous faculty members, students, coaches and even community members came out to enjoy some pasta and salad for a small price. The dinner also comes with a dessert and a roll.

The sports club also arranged a Chinese auction for anyone to participate in. The Chinese auction always gets people to stick around and see if they won any prizes. The student athletes help keep the dinner going with a lot of help from the parents and coaches .  A big “thanks” to the members of the Sports Club for always putting on this wonderful event.