Mrs. Morelli preserves memories for the school and community

Terry Stockton, Staff Writer


Mrs. Morelli has always known she wanted to be a teacher since she was in middle school and especially once she finished high school, but she wanted to try something different after school. Mrs. Morelli is the current freshman English teacher here at Jackson-Milton. She also teaches the publications class, where the school newspaper is constructed, and the yearbook class, where the school yearbook is constructed.

Mrs. Morelli took a special interest in nursing but quickly concluded it was not the job for her once she found that the blood would be difficult to stomach. She quickly decided teaching was definitely what she wanted to do. Mrs. Morelli’s teaching career began where it would not be expected, 3rd grade health, but onward she would teach English.

“I found that I am good at analyzing text and thinking deeper into the text,” said Mrs. Morelli. Mrs. Morelli was influenced by one of her English teachers in high school whose teachings persuaded her even more to have a class of her own one day. She genuinely enjoys the grade she is teaching, the freshman class, now.

Devon Bortmas, a former student of Mrs. Morelli, says, “Mrs. Morelli was a very good English teacher. She has helped me very much when it comes to writing my papers and analyzing text.” Another student of Mrs. Morelli, Connor Kleinknecht says, “Mrs. Morelli has shown me a lot about providing quotes, searching text for information, and reading deeper into the text.”

Mrs. Morelli has taught an assortment of grades ranging from kindergarten English to juniors and seniors in publications and yearbook.

Once Mrs. Morelli was hired at Jackson-Milton, it was brought to her attention that the school had not had a newspaper for quite some time. Coincidently, Mrs. Morelli has a minor in journalism as well as experience with the local newspapers, which is where her qualifications for publications come from. She decided it would be a good idea to bring back the school’s newspaper and thus the publications class was brought back to the Jackson-Milton students. Publications is one of Mrs. Morelli’s favorite classes because of how laid back it is.

Mrs. Morelli has also taken charge of the yearbook class, which was handed down to her. She also likes yearbook because of how laid back the class is. Of the two classes, Mrs. Morelli prefers publications. “In publications, you can look over, go back and fix the errors, but in yearbook, the errors are there forever and there’s always someone looking for them.”

Outside of teaching, Mrs. Morelli has many different interests and hobbies, one being kickboxing. She is a black-belt in kickboxing and she also teaches a kickboxing and a self defense class. She finds exercising and as an escape from her everyday life and a time for inner relaxation. If there was any other class Mrs. Morelli would rather teach than English, it would be physical education. This is because of her special interest and enjoyment in exercise and what it does for her.

Mrs. Morelli has a very strong opinion over the STEM, technology, and web design classes. She believes they are very important classes to include into the knowledge of students in today’s age because of the rapidly growing technology and how much more of it students and graduates are being expected to know.

“Teaching is the perfect job,” says Mrs. Morelli, a mother of two. School is place where she can watch over her children as well as do her job and not have to worry about them. Overall, Mrs. Morelli says that she is genuinely happy with the career she has chosen.