How far has technology come? I remember when…

Justin Rentz, Staff Writer


Technology in today’s society is very advanced. Almost every single person has a cell phone on them at all times. A computer or laptop is now a household item. Watching TV is a part of life, without it we as citizens would be lost. Technology has changed a lot from when I was a little kid growing up.

As a kid, I remember my mom and dad having old Nokia phones that had a very small screen. I would play old games on these phones thinking that they were awesome. In 2015, those Nokia phones would be considered dinosaurs. Iphones are used by many Americans in today’s society. Anything older than an Iphone is considered to be old and have no use.

Computers have had a lot of improvements made since I was a kid. I remember having an old desktop that had dial up internet and it was so terribly slow. The computer had old games on it such as minesweeper and an old pinball game. The computers that are being made today are unbelievable.

Even Jackson-Milton has changed its technology. There is a lot of technology in the building that students of the past did not have. For instance, we have IPads available for use. We used to have the NOBI computers but now we have full sized HP laptops for the students to use. In addition, there are 3D printers for STEM classes, Smartboards in every classroom, and a drone that takes aerial photographs and videos.

They have capabilities that were once thought impossible, are now being made with ease. I believe that technology will continue to improve in medicine, cars and even technology that could be used for fun.