“Just Another High School Play”: JM Drama Performance 2023


Purity Nicula

This year the JMHS drama department got together to put on a hilarious play. The cast consisted of freshman: Maleah Jacobs, Sophomores: Addison Beck, and Purity Nicula, Juniors: Malina Funes-Kendrick, Keagan Beck, Jonathan Edwards, and Jack Pittman, and Seniors: Kalliope Ivari and Paige Grope, along with 2021 graduate Mason McDevitt.

This year’s production was directed by Kathleen Lassiter, along with being co-directed by Starr Martin. This production was “Just Another High School Play” and was performed Thursday May 25th and Saturday May 27th.  The play follows a group of actors, who have apparently been abandoned by their drama teacher, have to fend for themselves opening night in front of a live audience. Their teacher has left them hanging because no one has been showing up to rehearsals and no one is really quite sure what they are supposed to do. The student assistant director and the stage manager step in, find a box of scripts which they pass out to the cast, and try to throw something together. What follows is a rollicking show full of physical comedy, gags, and satirical re-writings of many plays from Shakespeare to Albee.

The cast seemed to have a blast, Junior Malina Funes-Kendrick states, “My favorite thing about the theater is getting to be whoever you wanna be without judgment, you just get to let loose.”

Co-Director Starr Martin had this to say, “I enjoyed helping out with the play and I loved hanging out with the students while they bonded with each other.”

Senior Paige Grope said, “This is my first year doing the play and I am having a lot of fun. I have so much fun acting with my other actors and actresses and being a part of it. All the cast members are hilarious and I have made a lot of new friendships.”

Great work and entertaining performance Jays!