JM Band takes their talent to Nashville


Ivy McBeth

This year the band students headed to Nashville to share their talent and explore the town.  There were kids ranging from 8th grade to seniors. They had the bus ride down there and they got to know each other very well. The head of the event was the band director, Mr. Penfound.

On the first day they stopped for food. When they got to Nashville they went to their food court. A lot of different shows and a bunch of other foods. Then they went to the hotel to get situated.

On the second day they attended the Music Country Hall of Fame in the morning for a few hours. Then they performed outside for 30 minutes. After that they walked on the bridge then they got food at the Hard Rock Cafe. They also went to a Broadway musical. 

Camelia Blackmon thought it was a good trip. She stated, “ A lot of kids have never been away from home that far and it was a new experience for them. The consultation was nice because we got to see how another band director would conduct their music different from our own. All around the trip was both educational and fun which made it very nice.”

Such a nice experience for JM’s hardworking musicians!