SADD hosts Prom Promise Week


Kloey Woloschak

 Jackson-Milton SADD hosts a Prom Promise Week at school each year.  During the week they have different events for each day of the week leading up to the day of prom.  Themes for the week included Musical Monday, Blue Jay Tuesday, Western Wednesday, The Places You’ll Go Thursday, and Fun in the Sun Friday.   Prom Promise week is also about students making good choices and driving safe on the road using seatbelts and not texting.

Paige Grope, SADD president, said, I enjoy doing Prom Promise Week because I like watching all of my fellow students do the activities. Prom Promise Week is about spreading awareness for distracted driving.”  

Paige is one of the students that make the Prom Promise week more enjoyable in what she does planning for it. She helps out a lot and she is such a good role model.   A good way to describe prom promise week is to have fun but to be safe at the same time. Prom Promise week is about getting to know new people and do new things like dressing up with your favorite friends and talking to new people just getting out there and spreading the kindness to people and making sure it is safe as well.  There are activities that include bringing a crashed car to the school, Click it or Ticket, No Texting While Driving Pledges, and activities using perception goggles.  Students who participate get the chance to earn a gift card at the end of the week!  

Paige also said, “We like the students be aware of the consequences. I love dressing up all week and picking the themes!” 

Students just all love the week and think its a great thing to do especially if you want your students to learn about making safe decisions with a little bit of fun.