Sports Club sponsors return of Sadie Hawkins Dance


picture courtesy of Shyla Wolf

Cora Pettry

The Jackson-Milton Sports Club hosted the 2023 Sadie Hawkins dance. Cindy Allen was in charge of the whole dance and sold all of the tickets and raised all of the money. The theme for it was western wear and everyone dressed perfectly.

Grace Johns stated, “I loved the outfit theme and the music, I had a great time!”

There was a dance off and limbo which mostly everyone ended up doing. There was a best dressed couple competition which Carter Grahm and Riley Headly won. There was drawing your ticket, and the dance even had Mexican food provided to eat. The kids liked the pictures they took as well as the DJ.

Ethan Kerr stated, “It was very western themed!”

The sports club is hoping for more kids to come next year. And are Planning on having more activities for the kids to do! The Sports club did not make much of a profit because they wanted to do something fun for the kids and about 40 people ended up attending the dance. Some of the people that attended the dance were Grace Johns, Keegan White, Paige Grope, Kalliope Ivari, Jase Greco, Caden Allen, Ethan Kerr, Riley Headly, and Carter Graham.

Paige Grope said, “I loved the decorations and how they were well thought out. I also loved how we got a picture with our dates at the end!”

Everyone had a great time and can’t wait for the next dance so they can have an even better time!