Jay Squad works to bring school spirit to all events!


Purity Nicula

Jay Squad is a spirit club, mostly run by Faith Sullivan, with help of the cheerleaders and even sometimes cheer coach Kathleen Lassiter. They work on bringing more school spirit to Jackson-Milton High School/Middle School. They do things such as make posters and run a social media page to keep JM students up to date on everything going on in the school that they could get pumped about and events they could go to to support JM students. They pick themes for games such as basketball and football games, these themes include Hawaiian, Red Flags, Black Out, White Out, Blue Out and Construction.

Students from middle to high school can join the club and participate in things such as sign making and participating in Pep Rallies. They’re often found encouraging students to be loud and proud to be a JM student and to support all athletes such as basketball, football, softball, baseball, volleyball and even for clubs and other activities such as the spring play, quiz bowl and e-Sports. The Jay Squad does not discriminate on their support and school spirit. They work to include everyone and anyone who could use their support. They post on their Instagram account about themes, students signing with colleges, and sports events.

Faith Sullivan states, “The Jay Squad’s  main objective is to get students involved in sports and other activities that go on in the school. The Jay Squad enjoys going to athletic and academic events to encourage and support our student body. The Jay Squad also enjoys preparing for pep rallies and decorating the hallways to show Blue Jay spirit. The goal of the Jay Squad is to provide opportunities to make new friends, have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime.  It’s never too late to join the Jay Squad!”