Camp Fitch: a fun adventure for all who attended!


Paige Grope

Jackson-Milton took a trip to Camp Fitch which included the 5th grade students, and 10 High School counselors. Camp Fitch was a three day trip that took place from January 30th to February 1st. The students and counselors got to learn about Lake Erie and the history of camp fitch, as well as a bunch of animals. There were many activities they got to experience. Some of these activities include candle making, butter making, horseback riding, nature center, Lake Erie study, ending with a beach walk, the hobby farm, rock climbing, and a challenge course. The students got an hour of free time both days where they had the option to make key chains, rock climb, hatchet throw, archery, go to the hobby farm, and go on a beach walk. The counselors include Paige Grope, Mia Greco, Kalliope Ivari, Kelsey Hamm, Emily Fultz, Ben Moore, Keagan Beck, Asher Handrych, Aiden Cole, and Garrett Bueno. The counselors were split into four groups. Paige Grope, Kalliope Ivari and Keagan Beck were group one. Aiden Cole and Mia Greco were group two. Kelsey Hamm and Asher Handrych were group three. Lastly, Emily Fultz, Garrett Bueno and Ben Moore were group four.

Deputy Sosnosky was the advisor and he stated, Camp Fitch was a tremendous trip this year, the 5th grade class really enjoyed all of the activities provided to them. Our student counselor group has a tremendous responsibility of making sure the 5th grade students stay safe, make smart decisions, supervise them during the night hours, and most importantly make sure they have a fun time.” He continues “Overall it is the best trip we take here at Jackson-Milton Local School District, not only our 5th grade class but also our student counselors.”

Mia Greco, one of the senior counselors stated, “Overall, I really enjoyed Camp Fitch. Being outside all day and doing all the activities was very fun. It was nice to be away from my phone  and with the kids for a few days. I also liked being able to spend time with my friends after we put the kids to bed. My favorite activity was the Dutch Auction because it was very chaotic and it was interesting to see what every group came up with for each category. In addition, I enjoyed learning how to make GIMP on the last day of camp with Aiden and Kalliope.”

Kalliope Ivair also stated “One of my favorite parts of Camp Fitch was meeting all of the kids. They were so fun to be around and I enjoyed leading them through the weekend. I also enjoyed being with my own friends through the different activities, our favorite being the Dutch Auction.”

Overall, it was a fun trip for the counselors and the children.