Seniors develop criminal defense strategies in Language Arts


Senior students completed the reading of Shakepeare’s Macbeth this week and were then challenged to develop defense strategies for Macbeth or Lady Macbeth (if they had survived).  Students achieved this goal by utilizing various informational text selections in science and social studies related to the content of the plot, informational text notes for common criminal defense strategies, and providing text evidence from the play.  Their main objective was to keep their selected character from being found guilty. Groups were randomly generated and they had a full period to prepare their case (including possible prosecution arguments).  The following day, groups presented their cases “in court” (to the class) posing as a defense attorney with their legal assistants.  The remaining class members acted as prosecuting attorneys during each presentation, offering objections and countering their evidence.  Mrs. Morelli kept order in the court as the judge.  The student feedback on this activity was overwhelmingly positive!