Band students work hard to perform and elevate school spirit


Kloey Woloschak

The Jackson-Milton school band and flag line/majorettes works hard to entertain the crowds each year. Jackson-Milton band members have a band camp that they participate in for 2 days and that is when they learn about all of the numbers they will perform.

Director, Nicholas Penfound said, “ Two days of music camp, which is just for a few hours each day, where we work on learning the music for pregame, halftime, and a few of our stand tunes. Then we have a full week of band camp, 8-3 each day.” There are also times they participate in competitions. This year they did a few parades and they got to show off how talented the marching band is. For this event, the marching band gets to be the star of the show! The band has 2 senior members graduating this year who will be greatly missed! The students at Jackson-Milton love the band and enjoy the music performances at each game.