SADD spreads a positive message throughout JM


Kalliope Ivari

SADD is one of the largest clubs in Jackson-Milton. Many students are a part of SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions. SADD is advised by Mrs. Morelli and Mrs. Reyes.  This club is based on encouraging the student body to participate in events within the school and the community.  Some of the events that SADD conducts are: Trick or Treating, Christmas Caroling, Hat day (that raised money for socks for children in need at Akron Children’s), and Pajama day (that raised money for hats and gloves).

SADD does the spirit week themes for Red Ribbon Week and Prom Promise Week to create some school spirit. This year’s SADD advisors are President- Paige Grope, Vice president- Briley Chance, Secretary- Caty Carnes, and Treasurer- Joy Mohr. These leaders within our student body work together to get our school involved.

Many of the events that SADD does are at the elementary level. When the high school students take time and encourage the young kids, it creates great role models for the younger students. Many students are excited to participate in SADD and we are never short of a hand which is an amazing accomplishment. Some of the highlights of SADD to date are Red Ribbon Week, World Kindness day, and Unity day.

President, Paige Grope said, “We inform our students and community about making good decisions and making a positive impact. We do many activities with our communities and elementary schools to remind them of these positive decisions in life. We have done many events including Christmas Caroling, Trick-or-Treating, and we raised money to buy socks, hats, and gloves for those who need them.”

Vice president, Briley Chance stated, “We chose each other and our community, over drugs and alcohol.”

Advisor, Mrs. Morelli said, “SADD has grown quite a bit throughout my time as co-advisor with Mrs. Reyes.  We have added more and more community events, school spirit activities, and awareness activities for making positive choices.  Student involvement increases every year and I look forward to seeing the students increase their participation in the group events!”