JM Students think Mr. Joy is “a cut above the rest” with return of Junior/Senior Trades course


Dustin Gay

Ever wonder what’s happening in the woodshop and why there’s always loud noises coming from the room?

There is a lot that happens behind the door and so much that is being built and used by the students. In the woodshop there are group projects like the tables that we built out of 2×4’s and plywood. There is a lot to learn in the woodshop class including teamwork and how to work with others to get things done. You learn safety procedures while in the shop and how to properly use tools and equipment that’s in the room. There are projects that are assigned in the books that we are given that as a class we do in sync. There are a few group projects in the book but most of them are individual projects. Almost all of the projects can be taken home.

There are many things to learn from the class that could help for future jobs or careers. In woodshop class, there are a few projects that have been done and completed, like there was a group project where they made workbenches and they also made bookshelves and a toolbox. There are many more projects to do and once the ones in the book are completed you can pick what you build next.

Abbigail Manda said, “I’ve learned a lot by being in that class and doing things I didn’t think I could. When I built my bookcase and toolbox it came out better than I expected.”

Dustin Gay said, “I went into the class knowing a lot about woodworking and building things out of nothing, but there are tools in there that I haven’t used before and the class is very helpful in learning how to properly use the tools. Even though I went in there knowing a lot there is still so much to learn.”