Spirit Weeks at JM bring students together!


Tiffany Tingler

Spirit weeks are a good way to get students to come together, and have fun with their outfits for the week. Jackson-Milton varsity cheerleaders and some members of the student council helped come up with ideas for Homecoming week’s spirit week. Abbigail Yavorsky, student council secretary and varsity cheerleader, finalized the days for the homecoming spirit week.

Jackson-Milton High School and Middle School had a theme everyday from September 26th to September 30th leading up to their homecoming and their big homecoming football game against Mineral Ridge that Friday night on September 30th. Monday students got the choice to pick a side between country vs. country club. Students would either wear jeans, cowboy hats, boots, and flannels, or they would wear polos, khakis, tennis skirts, and sweaters. Tuesday students picked a friend to twin with for the day, they would either wear exactly the same thing or match just one or two items of clothing. Wednesday students represented their favorite characters from Disney. Students wore onesies or came up with costumes of their own for their character. Thursday was throwback Thursday, students dressed up as their younger selves and would bring in a photo of themselves that they got their outfit from. Friday was beach day, they wore shorts, t-shirts, hats, and leis. Some boys would wear their swimming trunks and tank tops for this day’s theme.

Abbey Fishtorn, Jackson-Milton athletic director states, “Spirit weeks are a great way for students to join together and be a part of something. They are a fun way to show solidarity and support.” A parent from Jackson-Milton says, “I think spirit weeks are fun and are a good way to get the kids involved.”

Joy Mohr, a freshman and SADD treasure says, “I think that spirit weeks are fun. I like fun days like the beach day.”

Adilynn Gbur, a freshman, states, “Spirit week is one of my favorite weeks because I get to dress up. I really like it, because I get to wear stuff that I don’t usually get to wear like hats. It just makes school way more interesting and fun, because it motivates me to wear something other than a hoodie and leggings everyday.”