Cheerleaders and Teachers bring JM Spirit to Pep Rallies!


Purity Nicula

Pep rallies and their high energy get us all pumped ! Pep rallies, usually planned by cheerleaders and cheer coach, is a gathering of people, typically students of middle school, high school, and college age, before a sports event. Typically they are hosted in high school gymnasiums. The purpose of such a gathering is to encourage school spirit and to support members of the team. Usually these are before big football and basketball games such as homecoming, and rival games. During these high energy events typically there is a cheerleader performance to start out, these can contain trendy dance moves, sometimes they may contain the athletes (basketball or football) and sometimes normal students. One thing that was trending this year amongst pep rallies across the US was a challenge called “SUPERSONIC” this consists of two lines, one line of male students/football players and the other side cheerleaders, once one duo stands up, the male football player attempts to keep up with the cheerleader in doing a routine she taught him prior to the pep rally. This continues down the line and can be quite entertaining as the cheerleaders include things such as kicks, jumps and even gymnastics if said football player is skilled in it. Following the performance usually there’s a game played hosted by the cheerleaders involving students from each grade or each seasonal sport, sometimes even teachers. These can be things such as forming a letter with each member of the group, races and elimination type games.

Senior cheerleader Kelsey Hamm states the process of planning is, “ We usually sit down at practice and talk about what would be fun to do and game ideas and skits and we think about how to involve everyone even those who aren’t in sports.” The senior varsity cheerleader is also captain and states, “us, the whole cheer team, and the coach” are who plan the pep rallies.

Sophomore Dominic Zitello who participated in Supersonic states, “Malina’s mom, the coach” created their choreographies and as far as rehearsing goes, “We did it in the morning, then like not in the morning, so like an hour” these pep rallies are typically the highlight of school weeks they’re scheduled for. 

At the next pep rally, they went through much the same practice to involve several teacher at JM to share in some of the fun!  Teacher paired up with cheerleaders to perform a small routine for the crowd and Mr. Vega joined in on the fun as well!  Way to go cheerleaders!