JM Students have some “Food for thought” when making their schedules!


Ed Kuiper

The Jackson-Milton food classes of 2022-2023 offer global foods, baking/pastries, AM foods, and Foods for life. The cooking teacher for all of these offerings is Starr Martin. Jackson-Milton staff put a brand new greenhouse at the school building to help provide fresh produce that the cooking teacher Mrs. Martin is utilizing to grow food. She uses the food that she grows in the greenhouse to provide a healthier, more productive and money saving way for the classes to be able to cook more. In the Global foods class they cook and bake food from all around the world such as places like Brazil, Italy, France, Greece, Mexico, Argentina and more. This class teaches about the history and food culture of these places so that the students can know the background, history, and culture of these areas. In the baking/pastries class the classes all learn how to bake and measure correctly so they can successfully bake in their own home and be able to measure and correctly cook for their everyday life. In the Foods for life classes this class learns the basic cooking skills and how to cook basic everyday quick meals like appetizers and meals that are easily prepared. Finally, In the AM foods class the students learn how to do basic cooking and life skills and learn how to make breakfast meals and prepare to get your day started. It also teaches you how to do these things alone at home when you’re hungry and want something to eat like breakfast. The teacher Starr Martin quotes, “These classes will help you succeed in everyday life and cooking skills and will prepare you for when you graduate and live on your own.” The Jackson-Milton cooking classes are definitely looking forward to next year’s classes and can’t wait for the next semester’s cooking classes.