School Play 2022: This is a Test


Mariah Popson

The drama department at JMHS has prepared another great performance.  The play this year was about a girl and her fellow students stressing about taking the biggest test of the year, which could have a big impact on their futures. This is a Test was a perfect one-act play about the anxiety of high school life. The nightmare experiences of taking the big test are often scary for students. The students spent several week practicing their lines, building sets, and preparing for their big night.  The directors of this year’s play were Kobie Southwick and Hallie McCaskill and the play took place on Friday May 20th and Saturday May 21st. Caitlin Carnes played the main character who was having major anxiety before the test. Aiden Cole played the teacher, Addison Beck plays Caitlin’s friend who was trying to calm her down,  Alayna McCracken and Purity Nicula made up the chorus. Elyanna Cremeans played the mother and Alex Lipp played Chris.  Well done on a very entertaining performance!