JMHS Track Season 2022


Information provided by Coach Fishtorn:


The JM track team competed at the District track meets on Wednesday and Friday. 24 teams from all over our area battled for the top 4 spots in each event trying to advance to the Regional track meet this coming week in Massillon.  Our distance runners had a great outing with our boys 4×800 relay team scoring our first points on Wednesday. Cole Graham, Carter Graham, Lucas Sokol, & Alex Lipp scored 8th in the relay.  Cole Graham won the boys 1600m race earning his spot in the Regional meet this coming Friday. Joining Cole at Regionals is Faith Sullivan who placed 3rd in the 1600 with a PR time of 5:49. Faith also placed 7th in the 800m run. Serenity Perrine placed 8th in the 1600m by shaving nearly 10 seconds off of her PR. Cole and Lucas Sokol had a great night with the 3200m. Cole placed 3rd advancing him to Regionals in that event as well, and Lucas had a new PR run and placed 7th.  Wednesday Keagan Beck had a very interesting turn of events in the 110H that left him battling for a spot in Friday’s finals with a rerun on the track alone. With his team cheering him on, he made it to finals by running a new PR. During Friday’s finals run he earned 7th place with a new PR of 17.56 seconds.   Jake Gross finished his athletic career with a another PR in the shot put. Zeke Brock was a foot and a half way from a Regionals spot in the Discus finishing in 5th place.  Our throwers continued improvement has been amazing to watch all season.  Ryen Romigh and Jonathan Edwards had a great day of jumping on Friday. The two went height for height making it quickly to their PR height of 5’10”.  Ryen ended the day in 5th place.  We are very proud of all District performances and are very excited to watch Cole and Faith represent JM at the regional meet this Friday at Massillon Perry. GOOD LUCK Cole & Faith!

Individual and Relay results:

Keegan White- 14th place
Joey Zayas- 20th Place

Keegan White- 13th place
Joey Zayas- 16th Place

Ryen Romigh- 15th Place
Zach Koontz- 31st Place
Kalli Ivari- 9th Place

Carter Graham- 24th Place
Alex Lipp 27th Place
Faith Sullivan- 3rd Place
Kalli Ivari- 21st Place

Cole Graham- 1st Place
Carter Graham- 19th Place
Faith Sullivan- 3rd Place
Serenity Perrine- 8th

Cole Graham- 3rd Place
Lucas Sokol- 7th Place
Serenity Perrine- 11th Place

Keagan Beck- 7th Place

Keagan Beck- 22nd place
Zach Koontz- 26th Place

4×800 Relay
8th Place- Carter Graham, Lucas Sokol, Alex Lipp, Cole Graham

High Jump
Ryen Romigh- 5th
Jonathan Edwards- 10th

Long Jump
Ryen Romigh- 16th Place
Jonathan Edwards- 23rd Place
Kalli Ivari- 19th Place

Zeke Brock- 5th Place
Jake Gross- 32nd Place
Layla Munhuland- 28th Place

Shot Put
Jake Gross- 18th Place
Zeke Brock- 19th Place
Layla Munhuland- 34th Place


Finally, after 3 cancelled meets, our varsity track athletes were able to compete in a home quad league meet against Springfield, McDonald, and Western Reserve. With many of our athletes new to track this year, we had to shake off some nerves and rise to the occasion against 3 very large tough track teams. We had some great times and place finishes across a number of events for both the boys and girls teams.  Many of our athletes hit their goals, some even reaching new PRs. We are very proud of our athletes for their efforts in this first meet and looking forward to tracking their progress this season. The track team travels to East Palestine for the Ward Invitational this Saturday.

Team point totals: 
Boys: McDonald- 109
Springfield- 69.33
Jackson-Milton- 37.66
Western Reserve- 12

Girls: Springfield- 89
McDonald- 64
Western Reserve- 55
Jackson Milton- 16

Relay and individual place finishers are as follows:
Boys 4×800 Relay- 3rd place 9:47

Boys 110H- Keagan Beck 3rd Place- 18.94 (PR)

Boys 100M- Keegan White- 4th Place 11.63 (PR)

Boys 1600M- Cole Graham 1st place 5:05
Carter Graham 3rd place 5:20
Lucas Sokol 4th place 5:29

Boys 300H- Keagan Beck- 3rd place 49.96

Boys 200M- Keegan White- 2nd place 23.94 (PR)

Boys 3200M- Cole Graham- 2nd place 10:51
Lucas Sokol- 4th place 11:57

Boys Long Long Jump- Jonathan Edwards- 5th Place 17” (PR)
Ryen Romigh- 5th Place 17”

Boys High Jump- Jonathan Edwards- 3rd Place 5’4”
Ryen Romigh – 3d Place 5’4”

Girls 1600M- Faith Sullivan 2nd Place 6:02

Girls 400M- Kalli Ivari- 4th Place 1:11

Girls 300H- Ava Darney 4th Place 1:05

Girls 800M- Kalli Ivari 4th Place 3:22

Girls 3200M- Faith Sullivan 3rd Place 13:46

Girls Long Jump- Kalli Ivari 3rd place 13’3”

The varsity track team traveled down the road to Newton Falls for the Ugly Jug invitational Friday evening. This competition focused on matching up some of our local schools (JM, Newton Falls, Southeast, Leetonia, & Windham) in what made for a very fun evening. The wind was definitely a factor for all of our athletes as it never let up throughout the meet. As athletes rounded the bend on the 300m stretch of the track they ran into a wall of wind making every home stretch that much harder.  Faith Sullivan swept the girls distance events taking 1st in the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m runs. Our boys team had the most overall points taking 1st place for the meet and snagging the coveted Ugly Jug trophy to house for safe keeping until next years meet.  This meet added a few extra events such as the Iron Man Relay and Marathon Man relay which allowed our throwers and distance runners to participate in 4×100 relays. Our boys Iron Man Relay (Jake Gross, Zeke Brock, Landon Malmfeldt, & Hugh Ivari) took 2nd place. Our Marathon Men (Cole Graham, Carter Graham, Alex Lipp & Lucas Sokol) took 1st place to end the meet.  The team travels back to Newton Falls on Tuesday for a league quad meet.

Individual and relay Place finishers are as follows:

High Jump
Jonathan Edwards 3rd Place (5’8″ PR)

Long Jump
Kalli Ivari 5th Place
Ryen Romigh- 4th Place
Jonathan Edwards- 5th Place

Zeke Brock 4th Place

4×800 Relay
1st Place- Cole Graham, Lucas Sokol, Alex Lipp, Carter Graham

Keagan Beck 3rd Place

Joey Zayas 4th Place

Faith Sullivan 1st Place
Serenity Perrine 5th Place
Cole Graham 1st Place
Carter Graham 2nd Place
Lucas Sokol 3rd Place

4×100 Relay
3rd Place- Keagan Beck, Ryen Romigh, Joey Zayas, Keegan White

Kalli Ivari 2nd Place
Ryen Romigh 1st Place

Keagan Beck 3rd Place
Zach Koontz 4th Place

Faith Sullivan 1st Place
Cole Graham 2nd Place
Alex Lipp 3rd Place

Keegan White 2nd Place
Jonathan Edwards 4th Place
Joey Zayas 5th Place

Faith Sullivan 1st Place
Cole Graham 1st Place
Lucas Sokol 2nd place

Iron Man 4×100 Relay
Boys 2nd place- Hugh Ivari, Zeke Brock, Landon Malmfeldt, Jake Gross

Marathon Man 4×100 Relay
Boys 1st Place- Carter Graham, Lucas Sokol, Alex Lipp, Cole Graham

Thursday night our JM track team got to participate in an always fun meet at Western Reserve that focused just on relay events. The meet has all of the usual relays like 4×100, 4×200, 4×400, 4×800, but in addition they have a 4×1600, 4×110 Hurdle, Sprint Medley, Distance Medley, field event combined points, and the fan favorite, the Ironman 4×100 Relay made up of field event athletes.  These meets get to showcase the depth and versatility of a team and our athletes rose to the challenge. We had athletes competing in events they have never done before such as distance runners doing field events, throwers doing 4×100 sprints, sprinters doing distance events, and everything in between. Our boys high jump (Jonathan Edwards & Ryen Romigh) took 1st place overall in the combined points.  Our small, but fierce, girls team (Ava Darney, Kalli Ivari, Serenity Perrine, Faith Sullivan) took 3rd in every running relay they entered which is amazing because of the range of distances covered in those events.  It was a great night for our throwers with a number of them getting new PRs (Ava Darney, Jake Gross, Landon Malmfeldt, Zeke Brock). We are very proud of everyone on the team and are looking forward to our next meet this Saturday at Austintown for the Mahoning County Championship.

Relay results:

Girls 4×1600 3rd Place- Ava Darney, Kalli Ivari, Serenity Perrine, Faith Sullivan
Boys 4×1600 4th place- Cole Graham, Hugh Ivari, Lucas Sokol, Carter Graham

boys 4×100 6th place- Keagan Beck, Ryen Romigh, Joey Zayas, Keegan White

Girls Distance Medley 3rd place- Ava Darney, Kalli Ivari, Serenity Perrine, Faith Sullivan
Boys Distance Medley 3rd place- Carter Graham, Zach Koontz, Lucas Sokol, Cole Graham

Boys 4×200 3rd place- Keagan Beck, Zach Koontz, Joey Zayas, Keegan White

Boys 4×800 4th place- Cole Graham, Lucas Sokol, Zach Koontz, Carter Graham

Boys Sprint Medley 3rd place- Keagan Beck, Joey Zayas, Keegan White, Ryen Romigh

Girls 4×400 3rd place- Ava Darney, Kalli Ivari, Serenity Perrine, Faith Sullivan
Boys 4×400 5th place- Jonathan Edwards, Zach Koontz, Keegan White, Joey Zayas

Boys 4×100 Ironman 5th place- Jonathan Edwards, Zeke Brock, Landon Malmfeldt, Jake Gross

Boys High Jump 1st Overall- Jonathan Edwards & Ryen Romigh

Girls Long jump 5th place overall- Kalli Ivari & Serenity Perrine
Boys Long Jump 4th Place overall- Jonathan Edwards & Ryen Romigh

Girls Disc 8th overall- Ava Darney & Layla Munhuland
Boys Disc 7th overall- Zeke Brock, Jake Gross, Landon Malmfeldt

Girls Shot 8th overall- Layla Munhuland
Boys Shot 7th overall- Zeke Brock, Jake Gross, Landon Malmfeldt

Tuesday evening the JM track team hosted a quad league meet with Waterloo, Lowellville, and Liberty.  While still recovering from our sunburns on Saturday, we were bundled up battling the cold and wind to make it through the meet. We had athletes place in every event we entered, many athletes placing in all events entered. Ava Darney placed in 4 individual events (shot, disc, 400M, 300H). Zeke Brock had back to back meets with PRs in the discus earning 2nd place in Tuesdays meet.  Nate Darney had an awesome night getting 4 great marks in long jump and beating multiple competitors in his heat of the 100M. The team will split this weekend sending some athletes Friday night to Western Reserve for the Lew Speece Invitational and sending the other half to Lakeview Saturday for an invitational. Next Tuesday, May 3rd, is our last home meet and will be senior night.

Individual & Relay place finishes:

Long Jump- Ryen Romigh 2nd place
Jonathan Edwards 5th Place
Kalli Ivari 1st Place
Faith Sullivan 3rd Place

High Jump- Jonathan Edwards 3rd Place
Ryen Romigh 5th Place

Discus- Zeke Brock 2nd Place (PR)
Ava Darney 3rd Place

Shot- Zeke Brock 4th Place
Ava Darney 4th Place

4×800 Relay- 2nd Place (Cole Graham, Lucas Sokol, Alex Lipp, Carter Graham)

110H- Keagan Beck 2nd Place

100M- Keegan White 3rd Place

1600M- Cole Graham 1st Place
Serenity Perrine 3rd Place

4x100M- 2nd Place (Keagan Beck, Ryen Romigh, Joey Zayas, Keegan White)

400M- Ryen Romigh 2nd Place
Zach Koontz 4th Place
Hugh Ivari 5th Place
Ava Darney 2nd Place
Kalli Ivari 5th Place

300H- Keagan Beck 2nd Place

800M- Carter Graham 3rd Place
Faith Sullivan 2nd Place

200M- Keegan White 5th Place

3200- Lucas Sokol 1st Place
Faith Sullivan 1st Place

4×400- 3rd Place (Jonathan Edwards, Zach Koontz, Keegan White, Joey Zayas)

Saturday the JM track team participated in the Lakeview Invitational with 14 teams from all over the area. With a number of the schools being in divisions higher than Jackson Milton, the athletes were pushed to perform at their best. Many of our athletes recorded new PRs in their events and placing in the top 8. Our distance athletes came out strong with new PRs by Faith Sullivan, & Lucas Sokol in the 1600, Cole Graham, Lucas Sokol, & Serenity Perrine in the 3200, and Kalli Ivari in the 800m. Zeke Brock also got a new PR in shot put.  Our high jumpers (Jonathan Edwards & Ryen Romigh) had a good day and both placed in the top 8. Keagan Beck, our hurdler, made it to finals and placed in the top 8 in the 110 Hurdles.  The team hosts a quad league meet on Tuesday for senior night. Come out Tuesday to support our seniors, Cole Graham, Jake Gross, and Nathan Darney as they compete in their last home meet. Senior night announcements are at 4:40, with running events to start immediately after.

We want to give a special congratulations to our Middle School track team who also worked hard Saturday earning Boys team overall Runner-up at the Ropolski Jr. High Invitational at Western Reserve. Great job middle school!!

Individual place finishes:

High Jump-
Jonathan Edwards 6th place
Ryen Romigh 7th Place

Zeke Brock 4th Place

110 Hurdles-
Keagen Beck 8th Place

Ryen Romigh 8th Place

Faith Sullivan 7th Place (PR)

Cole Graham 4th Place (PR)
Lucas Sokol 7th Place (PR)
Faith Sullivan 5th Place

Thursday evening our 3 track seniors were honored by their team, parents, competitors, and spectators. Cole Graham, Nathan Darney, and Jake Gross had their last home track meet against Sebring and Garfield. Escorted by their parents, our 3 seniors walked the track and heard speeches from their fellow teammates wishing them well in their future endeavors. After the ceremony the meet was under way with a number of JM athletes recording new PRs. Zeke Brock is getting closer and closer to the top of the pack in the discus with a new PR of 136’3″. Keegan Beck and Joey Zayas both broke into 11 seconds in the 100M dash posting new PRs of 11.59 for Keegan, and 11.97 for Joey. Ryen Romigh continues to shave time off of his 400M time with a new PR of 54 seconds. This weekend the team travels to Columbiana for the Clipper Invitational. Cole Graham and Faith Sullivan will be representing JM at the Austintown Optimist Meet.  Special THANK YOU to all of our track parents who have helped this season with the concession stand, our teachers/staff who help us time, Mr. Crish and Mr. Sachire for getting everything organized and set up, and to our Middle School track team for helping us run the meet. Track meets area lot of fun to host but they take a whole crew and we have quite the crew in our corner!

Individual and relay place finishes:

110H- Keagan Beck 2nd place (PR)

100M- Keegan White 2nd Place (PR)
Joey Zayas 4th Place (PR)

4×200 Relay- 2nd place Keagan Beck, Zach Koontz, Alex Lipp, Joey Zayas

1600M- Carter Graham 1st Place
Lucas Sokol 2nd Place
Alex Lipp 3rd Place
Faith Sullivan 1st Place
Serenity Perrine 4th place

4×100 Relay- 1st Place Jonathan Edwards, Zeke Brock, Zach Koontz, Keagan Beck

400M- Ryen Romigh 2nd place (PR)
Kalli Ivari 4th Place

300H Keagan Beck 2nd (PR)

800M- Alex Lipp 4th Place
Kalli Ivari 2nd place

200M- Keegan White 1st Place
Joey Zayas 3rd Place

3200M -Lucas Sokol 1st Place
Faith Sullivan 1st Place
Serenity Perrine 2nd place

4×400 Relay 2nd Place, Jonathan Edwards, Joey Zayas, Keegan Beck, Ryen Romigh

Although the Clipper invitational was cancelled on Saturday, where most of our JM track athletes were planning to compete, Cole Graham and Faith Sullivan were still able to compete Saturday at Austintown for the Optimist meet. This meet always draws the top track athletes from all over, in all divisions. Cole Graham completed in a very fast heat of 1600m runners. Faith Sullivan competed in the 3200 and 1600. Faith recorded a new PR in the 3200 placing 8th overall. We are very proud of these two and are looking forward to see how our team does this Thursday at the MVAC championships in Mineral Ridge.

A number of our athletes had great finishes at the MVAC Championship meet Thursday at Mineral Ridge. 16 teams competed broken up into the Gray and Scarlet divisions. JM was in Scarlet against Lowellville, Mineral Ridge, Springfield, McDonald, Sebring, Waterloo, and Campbell. Cole Graham was crowned conference champ in the 1600M run when he placed first. He also got 2nd place in the 3200M run. Faith Sullivan brought in 3 5th places finishes in the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m. Our field events had a great night with a new PR for Jake Gross and a 6th place finish for Zeke Brock in disc.  Jonathan Edwards and Ryen Romigh both placed in long jump and high jump. Kalli Ivari placed 5th in Long Jump.  Our sprinters, Keegan White & Joey Zayas, both place in the 100m and 200m dash.  The team competes at Districts this week on Wednesday & Friday at Springfield.

Individual and relay finishes:

110H Hurdles
Keagan Beck 6th Place

Keegan Beck 6th Place

Keegan White 5th place
Joey Zayas 7th Place

Keegan White 5th place
Joey Zayas 7th Place

Ryen Romigh 7th Place

Faith Sullivan 5th Place

Faith Sullivan 5th Place
Serenity Perrine 6th Place
Cole Graham 1st Place
Carter Graham 6th Place

Faith Sullivan 5th Place
Serenity Perrine 7th Place
Cole Graham 2nd Place
Lucas Sokol 7th Place

4×800 Relay
5th Place- Alex Lipp, Cole Graham, Lucas Sokol, Hugh Ivari

Long Jump
Kalli Ivari 5th Place
Ryen Romigh 7th Place
Jonathan Edwards 8th Place

High Jump
Jonathan Edwards 4th place
Ryen Romigh 5th Palce

Ava Darney 8th Place
Zeke Brock 6th place