SADD Prom Promise Week 2021


SADD sponsored Prom Promise this week advised by Mrs. Morelli and Mrs. Reyes.  The following events took place:

Monday May 17: Pajama Day: Student can wear their pajamas to school

The crashed car arrived and officer painted messages on the vehicle to raise awareness.

Tuesday May 18:  Twin Day: Students dressed alike to support one another in making positive choices!

Students signed pledges and received Thumb Bands for signing the pledge not to text and drive. 

Thank you to SADD members whoassisted with this activity:

9-10 Lunch:  Ava Darney,  Briley Chance, Alena Len, and Riley Headley

11-12 Lunch:  Paige Grope, Chelsea Williams and Anthony Rentz

Wednesday May 19:  Hat Day for students

Today students participated in the Click it or ticket morning Activity:  

Today’s members that assisted included officers:  Ava Darney, Briley Chance, and Paige Grope

As well as Callie Helminiak, Tessa Helminiak, Anthony Rentz, Kylie Wilson, Kara Costello, and Logan Sokol

Thursday May 20:  Team Day 

During the lunch periods today, students used  Perception goggles to gain an awareness for how difficult every day activities can be if they do not make positive choices.  Each participant earned one entry into the Friday prize drawing.

Thank you to today’s members for assisting with this activity:

9-10 Lunch:   Ava Darney, Briley Chance, Aiden Cole, Alex Rotuna, Kelsey Hamm and Emily Fultz

11-12 Lunch: Chelsea Williams, Megan Finnie, Anthony Rentz, Kylie Wilson, Hannah Dudley, Paige Grope, Angela Jones

Friday May 21:  (Prom Shirt/ BLUEJAY) Day

Today there was a prize drawings for all of the students who participated in the activities this week.  Students got an entry for signing thumb band pledge, one for participating in goggle activity, one for wearing a seatbelt…all tickets went in to the drawing and 10 names were selected at random.  Students who drew names were members of Mrs. Morelli’s Yearbook staff.  Winners were: Edmund Gursky, Caleb Miller, Mason Robison, Eythan Evans, Aiden Dailey, Emily Fultz, Kaitlynn Bierdeman, Briley Chance, Daniel Spalding, Dana Saunders (not pictured)