JMMS holds annual Spelling Bee


Left: Lila Hale Right: Joe Calabria

Makayleigh Aliff

The middle school spelling bee took place  in the high school gym. This year our runner up was Lila Hale from sixth grade and our winner was the only eighth grade speller, Joe Calabria.  Congratulations to all of our participating spellers and special congratulations to Joe and Lila! Special thanks to Miss Tortora and Mrs. White for planning and facilitating the spelling bee for our students!

There was a large group of students ranging from sixth grade, up to eighth grade. Participants were as follows, 

6th Grade Spellers:

1.Alahna Barkelew

2.Addison Glista-Hemker

3.Ryan Gray

4.Olivia Grosick

5.Olivia Newhard

6.Brianna Grosick

7.Lilly Harper

8.Amelia Lard

9.Austin Newhouse

  1. Gabriella Price
  2. Nora Schwarten
  3. Ethan Sokol
  4. Owen Stanke
  5. Olivia Stewart
  6. Clayton Stiner
  7. Troy Sudimak
  8. Aidan Whitney
  9. Adriana Brancaccio 
  10. Delaney Crytzer
  11. Ethan Deley
  12. Gavin Flaker
  13. Antonio Ganni
  14. Draven Gibbs
  15. Kalia Morris
  16. Gavin Murphy
  17. Logan Noble
  18. Mirabella Riffle
  19. Lila Hale

7th Grade Spellers: 

  1. Marlee Ross
  2. Cheyanne Burt
  3. Brayden Greathouse
  4. Lane Allison
  5. Mave Johnson
  6. Tiffany Tingler
  7. Alex Lowry
  8. Logan Figinisky
  9. Cainan Ganni

8th Grade Spellers:

  1. Joe Calabria = winner