JM Soccer earns another win!



Thursday October 1

Blue Jays beat Brookfield 3-1


September 23: Information shared from JM Athletics by Coach Craig Fetkovich

Tuesday evening, the Blue Jays hosted East Palestine at 5:30.  The Jays started with Austin Stanke, Kylee Fetkovich & Alex Rotuna at forward, Bianca Gancarz, Maddie Moore and Brandon Strickland at Mid, Kayna Yasher, Daniel Spalding, Hughston Lockner & Preston Gibbs at defense, Sam Conn was in goal.  The game was immediately in the control of the Blue Jays offense.  James Simkins came off the bench early on and scored a nice goal off an assist from Alex Rotuna.  The Blue Jays were up 1-0 and the energy started to build.  Four minutes later, Austin Stanke hit one in the middle, on net, to bring the score to 2-0.   The Blue Jays were dominating possession on EP’s side of the field.  Then Austin had a cross from far left, that bounced into the middle, Kylee Fetkovich found it with her left foot and put it on net.  The Jays brought Aiden Cole, Zach Koontz and Keagan Beck off the bench for some support throughout the first half.  Jackson-Milton was up 3-0 at the half.

Second half, Austin Stanke went in goal & James Simkins started on the field.  Coaches wanted the players to focus more on possessing and moving the ball offensively.  The Blue Jays held the score for most of the second half, until eventually the Bulldogs star player, number 5, took the ball up from defense all the way through to score a second-effort goal, nailing Austin in the face with his cast, accidentally.  Austin was able to finish out the game in goal, but the score was now 3-1.  With 6 minutes left in the game, Ben Moore had an assist to Brandon Strickland for a goal, bringing it to 4-1.