Cheerleading Competition Update 2020


Blue Team earns 1st place

Camryn Mitchell

Jackson-Milton High School has many great teams including the cheer squad. The Jays have been to State back to back for the last three years.

Karli Dillinger a junior on the squad, says, “I am very excited to be going to State with the same team for a third year in a row. Being with my best friends and doing the thing we love the most is one of my favorite things in the world. I am very sad to see the seniors leave but I wish them the best in the future.”

This team works everyday very hard for this. They cheer through the football and basketball season. The seniors just won this past weekend at the Northeast Ohio Series Championship for again, the third year in a row, after competing at Regionals which was at Lake High School. The cheerleaders will make their next stop at State.

Senior Brianna Shannon says, “I am very excited to go to State  again, especially for my last year. It’s amazing to finish strong, going to State for the last 3 years is just one of the many ways to prove ourselves and all the hard work it is to be a cheerleader. I wish the squad good luck with the years to follow as well.”

The Jackson-Milton cheerleaders are very committed to the sport and you can see all of their dedication when they go to State competition on February 29th.