Robotics Season 2020


Darien Arthur

This season for Robotics has been quite eventful. At East Palestine the Jackson-Milton Robotics team came in 14th place during qualifications the first time. The second time at East Palestine they won a few rounds of the five rounds they played. At Kent State they came in 22nd place. Originally, it was 14th place but was moved down due to technical issues with the robot controllers. The second time they had went to Kent State they won a match due to the controllers shutting down right after the autonomous period. The Robotics team is made up of all grades in both the Jackson-Milton Middle and High School. It mostly consists of the 6th graders and could use more people willing to build, code, and accomplish the goals set for the group.  

Senior, Coder, and Engineer, Kaylie Carson exclaims, “I wish that I would have joined Robotics sooner than I did. I had an amazing experience. We were able to overcome multiple challenges that were thrown in our direction. The team has improved greatly over the years and I wish them the best of luck in the coming seasons.”

8th grader, President of Coding, Aiden Cole expresses, “There are multiple problems that we have to solve daily. While at competitions we only have a few seconds to fix something that may break. Competitions are long and can be exhausting but, they go by quickly. I believe we did well this year and I hope we keep getting better and continue growing our team.”

9th grader, President of Robotics and Engineering, Camelia Blackmon states, “This year in Robotics we were able to meet our two goals of going to two competetions and improving as a team. Next year we hope to become more involved with our community and continue improving as a team.”

Good luck in all you do!