Senior John Landis commits to St. Vincent College


Joseph Williams

John Landis recently committed to St. Vincent’s College. He is continuing his academic and athletic career at this prestigious school. John is going to be playing football for St. Vincent. John has had a fantastic year for Jackson-Milton and it was well known by colleges, which is why he got multiple offers.

“They’re a great organization over there and I’m really looking forward to going, playing football, going to school, and getting good grades.  I really think it’s going to be hard at first, you know, I’ll be going to a different state and all this other stuff, but I think all in all I made the right decision sign in with them.”

As one can see, John is a bit nervous with so many changes, but overall he knows that this is the next best step to his future and is excited for this opportunity.

John also states, “I currently am on a lifting program that I’ve been using for the past couple weeks now and I’ve been feeling a lot better since I started this workout. I recently just took the ACT again to improve my score, hopefully this will allow me to get more funding with a higher score than what I had gotten previously.”

John is very excited to begin the next chapter of his life and play the sport he loves. John is going to miss his friends and family but he will also make many new friends at college and work toward his future career.  Congratulations, John!