Congratulations to Middle School Spelling Bee Champion: Kristen Campbell


Kristen Campbell

John Landis

Every year JMMS hold the annual Middle School Spelling Bee. The winner of the spelling Bee gets entered into another spelling Bee placed at Youngstown State University. This year, there has been a new edition to the spelling Bee which would be the Blue Jays at the sixth grade level! What better way to welcome our 6th graders to our now 6-12th grade building than to include them in the annual Middle School Spelling Bee.

All of the sixth grade spellers consisted of: Ainden Aandewiel, Jaden Bass, Anthony Chance, Landon Fortunato, Mave Johnson, Craig Kitka, Shannon Lanham, Jack McDevitt, Brock Piatt, Alexander Thlacker, and Hunter Weimer.

The seventh grade list includes: Katie Campbell, Joe Calabria, Peyton Gibbs, Liam Johnson, Daymon Deramus, and Drew Sloan.

Finally, the 8th grade spellers consisted of: Aiden Cole, Nathan Corll, Marissa DeDominic, Ashton Green, Jonah French, Blake Hutcheson, and Tyler Rozhon.

The student speller that came out on top was seventh grader Kristen Campbell, alongside runner-up 7th grader Joe Calabria!

Fun fact from Mrs. Tortora, “Kristen’s sister Katie won the spelling Bee last year when she was in eighth grade!”

When asked how she feels about the win, Kristen commented, “I am excited, but also nervous. I’m glad I have the opportunity to spell at YSU.”

Congratulations to all of the spellers and good luck Kristen at the Spelling Bee at Youngstown State!