2019 Scholastic Art Fair participants earn awards


Kalliope Ivari earned a Gold Key for this work

Makayleigh Aliff

Participants in the Scholastic Art Awards received their results today with Grace McDevitt,  Kalliope Ivari, and Brianna Shannon placing at the event. Grace earned honorable mentions for her works and Brianna also had two honorable mentions. Kalliope had 3 silver keys and 3 gold keys, there are many great art pieces on display with many talented artists from areas all around us.

There are so many art entries in this competition and for the school to have not one but many people earning honors shows the extent of their talent.  In 2018,  350,000 pieces of art were submitted to scholastic only 25% of them move on to the next round.

“ I’m really happy with myself honestly I’m a freshman and I’ve come a long way. I practice a lot and I hope I can continue with my art career,” Kalliope Ivari stated.

Grace McDevitt a senior talks about her art and what it means to her, “Sure, I think scholastic is a great way to get kids art out there for everyone to see since everyone has a different style of art and not everyone does the same. Any of my inspiration has always been personal pictures that I connect with.”

Mrs. Russo, the art teacher explains what the next steps included and offered her congratulations to the students.

“I would like to congratulate the following students on their artistic accomplishments in the 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. This year we have six pieces moving onward to NYC to be judged on a national level. Kalliope is also in the competition to receive the New York Life Award & Civic Expression Award for her arts ($2000 award).  I am very proud of their hard work and accomplishments.”