New Year Resolutions for 2020



Anthony Eppendorfer

Every year many people make different resolutions for themselves at the start of a new year to better themselves from last year. Students around Jackson-Milton had many different kinds of resolutions for themselves.

Student, Jakob Fay has said, “I’m trying to cut down on how much pop I drink, I want to go down to about drinking pop maybe once a day.”

Student, Joey Williams states, “ I would like to try and start going to the gym more.”

Student, John Landis, “ My resolution is to try to pass English with good grades to make my college application look better.”

Student, Julie Biro said, “I would like to go to the gym to build my muscle mass.”

Student, Jalyssa Mahle said, “ I want to pick up more hours at my job to make more money for personal spending.”

Student, Megan Fultz said, “I would like to work on my handwriting moving forward in my life so its easier and neater to read.”

Student, Rena Costello said, “ I want to start exercising more to feel healthier and eat cleaner.”

Student, Joey Keller said, “ I want to try focusing more on college applications to get admitted into a college.”

Student, Emily MacPhee said, “I want to work on putting myself in situations where I can turn out to be happier from it.”

Student, Courtney Mercer said, “ I want to start eating healthier to improve my mental strength and focus.”

Student, Raenah Rader said, “ I would like to try and be more organized to prepare for college life.”

Overall, the students at Jackson-Milton have been very driven and have positive goals for their health and education this year.  Good luck to everyone hitting the weights and their books!