Science Club Recycling Program

Shane Davis

At Jackson-Milton there are recycling bins in every classroom and it is highly encouraged that our students take care of the planet. In charge of this recycling team is Middle School Science teacher Mr. Weidenthal. The Recycling team has been going on for many years now and is the club is growing every year.

Mr. Weidenthal was asked how many students do the recycling, in which he replied, “I usually pick 3-4 of our 8th graders who are in Science Club to do the recycling throughout the year.”

The team covers all of the recycling bins in the building on Thursdays and Fridays every week.

The reason for recycling is quite obvious. It’s no secret that some parts of the ocean are littered with filth and trash. There is no room in the landfills anymore, even then there are piles and piles of trash built up in those, it’s just as bad for the environment. On top of the bad gas that is released into the air and O Zone layer, animals get a hold of theses things and it’s killing them. Turtles in the sea are just one of the many affected by it. Plastic straws go up their noses and unfortunately they die. Currently, wildfires are spreading across Australia and have killed thousands of animals and some may become extinct because people are not taking care of the environment.

However, by recycling we can reuse plastic, paper, aluminum etc. Those can be made into new things like paper cartons or other reusable things.

Senior Shane Davis says, “It’s the little things that can make a difference. If you see something pick it up, there so many ways that people can help put an end to all of our environmental issues and together we can make a change for a better world.”