SADD hosts 2nd Annual Trick or Treat


Darien Arthur

It’s that time of year for SADD’s annual Trick-Or-Treat event. It was held at the Jackson-Milton high school on October 28th between the time of 6p.m to 7p.m. All SADD members were to report to the school by 5:30 with costumes and candy ready to go. The young trick-or-treaters marched down the halls in their marvelous costumes and accept candy from the SADD members lined up by the doors of each classroom. Each student was to bring their own bag of candy to hand out to the children as they walk down each hallway. 

Jackson-Milton Senior Kaylie Carson states, “It was great to be able to spend the night with friends and give kids something that they will all enjoy.”

Makayla Maas, senior at Jackson-Milton states, “I really enjoy the activities we do for SADD. I’ve been in SADD for two years now and this was my second year doing the Trick-Or-Treat event. It’s one of my favorite things we do because everyone gets to dress up and has a good time. I also really enjoy passing out the candy and seeing the kids in their costumes.”