Community Tree Lighting in North Jackson

Joseph Keller

The community of North Jackson had a community tree lighting at the town’s gazebo. This event was Sunday December 1st from 1-6 pm. The North Jackson Citizens Association sponsored it as well as the music, caroling, and visit from Santa. 

Logan Firby stated, “ It was an amazing thing honestly, to see all the community there and all the events along with the holiday spirit.”

Santa came in on a fire truck to spread the holiday joy as well.

Michael Liberato stated, “ It was a lot of fun and it was good to see the community come together.”

Many people enjoyed this event and this was amazing for the community. It was good for the community because it lightens the mood for everyone who has something going on in their life.  It cheers them up being around a community with joy.

Kaylie Carson explained, “I enjoyed my time there and it was a peaceful way for the community to come together.” One of the best parts about it she stated, “ I loved playing joyful music for everyone and waiting for Santa to arrive.”

Overall, this was an amazing idea for a community to spread the holiday joy.