Seniors prepare for their futures as halfway mark approaches

Sierra Smallwood

High school graduation: one of the most terrifying and yet exciting moment of an adolescent’s life. This year, at Jackson – Milton, there are many seniors who are planning quite a promising future waiting for them outside these walls.  They are ready with the growth, knowledge, and maturity provided by Jackson – Milton.

Darien Arthur, a senior student, is looking to be a pediatrician after high school, “The school helped me a bit in finding what school I wanted to go to and what was a good match for me and what I want in my life in the future.” 

Logan Firby, a fellow senior, said, “I got a decent amount of help finding my future university, the guidance counselor helped me apply to the colleges that I wanted to go to. I did end up choosing the college I wanted to go to by myself though.” Firby plans on attending Kent State and I will be majoring in Marketing, as his future career.

Some seniors are even gearing up to go into the trades field, to fill in the loss of labor in these areas over the years, like welding and electricity work.

Sierra Smallwood stated, “ I plan on going into the trades labor, as a welder.” 

Many seniors are ready to go to a lot of the nearby universities and colleges suggested by Jackson – Milton. Already, there are students who have gotten accepted by their chosen university or college and with the schools help they have everything or the means to get everything they may need.

There as yet to be a senior that has absolutely no idea what they will do with themselves after high school. Not many have complained about their current grades or are overly worried about what their grades could be in the second semester.  They have the confidence to graduate and take that next step.

In conclusion, the graduating class of 2020 is looking to be an amazing group of students, ready to chase their dreams, prepared to acquire their futures, and become someone who will make a difference in the world.