Cold weather can bring icy roads and runny noses…be prepared!

Courtney Mercer

As the winter season creeps upon us, many are starting to prepare for the cold weather.  Here are some things people should do to prepare for the winter season. During the winter a lot more people get ill with the flu or viruses.  One thing that could help with getting sick is dressing warm when going outside and getting the flu shot. Another thing that people should do is to check their cars.  Make sure your tires are filled, your tires are not bald, and to have a supply of warm clothes and a blanket in your cars in case of an emergency or if your car breaks down.  

Mrs. Morelli is preparing for the winter season, she says, ̈I get a lot of exercise, eat right, and take my vitamins to help keep me healthy.¨

I asked 9 people if they received the flu shot this year and 2 people out of the nine had received the flu shot.  The flu shot is used to help people become immune to a certain strain of the flu virus that affects people.

Giannia Arquilla prepares for the winter in many ways, here’s what she has to say, “I’m preparing for the winter season by getting a flu shot and working out to keep healthy and I keep a blanket and an extra pair of hat and gloves in my car in case my car breaks down.  I also keep water in my car just in case and I will be going slower once the roads get icy and/or wet and snowy.”

The students and staff at Jackson-Milton wish for everyone to follow these tips and try to stay safe as the weather conditions are beginning to get a little more dangerous and have a Happy Thanksgiving!