Daylight savings: Yay or Nay?

Joseph Keller

Daylight saving time is a hated time around the country due to losing an hour of sleep. This takes a toll on many students for many reasons like sleep. Students have lots of homework due to the many classes they take which takes away multiple hours of sleep some days. Some students also have to have practice for sports after school which also take away hours of sleep and drain them mentally and physically.

Another thing to take into account is that some students have to work until around 10 pm every night to make money and support their family while adding homework and trying to find time for sleep on top of that is a hard task. Take away that hour of sleep on top everything they have to do and it really has a huge effect on students. Losing all this sleep can result in these students coming into school the next day tired and not focused affecting their grades. This has a huge impact and can cause more stress on students.

Logan Firby said, when asked what effect this practice has on students, states, “ It only trickles down to more and more problems. Kids need sleep to be able to focus and stay on task in school so it has a negative affect on students.”

Mrs. Condon, regarding daylight savings and the effect it had on students, had an interesting take, “ It takes me personally 2 weeks to adjust.  I haven’t noticed much until the spring, that’s  when my students are more tired.’’

Michael Liberato’s thoughts about daylight savings and how it affects him are in line with many of the reactions.  He stated, “ I love sleep and I’ve been a little more tired in the morning.”

As one can tell, many people are affected and make a huge deal about daylight savings.  Clearly this loss of sleep can play a major rule on a student’s life and education.  Therefore, get to sleep earlier and try to push through those homework assignments earlier in the school day.  This way, when you get home from a practice or work you can get some rest and be ready and focused for the next day ahead.