JMHS students and staff share their Thanksgiving traditions

Katie Campbell

Thanksgiving traditions are very popular around the world. People that we know will always have a large feast that includes turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and other scrumptious foods that get people craving Thanksgiving dinner every year. For some people, driving to their loved ones house is very special to them and means a lot to more people during Thanksgiving. This holiday is all about giving thanks to all the people who have cared for us, and raised us to be who we are today.

Makayleigh Aliff is one of those who travels far to celebrate this tasty holiday, “Me and my family usually go to my grandparents in Tennessee. There they make a lot of food like ham and turkey, 3 kinds of stuffing, and mashed potatoes with four kinds of gravy!”

It looks like her family won’t go hungry anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Another popular tradition to celebrate on Thanksgiving is the annual Black Friday Shopping. Folks from all over the world will spend hours upon hours going on a shopping spree to take advantage of saving money.

While some prefer to stay at home and watch the latest Hallmark Christmas classics, Katie Campbell is giddy about this whole experience year after year.

“I LOVE Black Friday shopping,” says Katie, “Every year me, my mom, and my grandma go and we just constantly go into store after store looking for something to spend our money on. Then we get food. That’s the best part. But shopping is a close second.” 

“I just sleep when I get back, that’s what’s best for me,” says Bianca Gancarz, “I think it’s fun while we’re there but I crash when I get home.”

Mrs. Morelli cooks a traditional Thanksgiving meal with multiple desserts, then goes shopping later in the evening with her daughter.  She said, “Shopping for Christmas after Thanksgiving is a tradition for us, but we’ve always gone late at night.  I won’t go out in the middle of the day when people should be with their family sharing a meal.  Instead, we go late at night and the following day to take advantage of the sales.” 

Many of the staff members at Jackson-Milton also say that this event is a highlight of their Thanksgiving break. 

Mr. Tyler Halavick would like to disagree though, “I love making a big Thanksgiving dinner and then sleeping. That’s what makes me happy over break.”

Overall the staff and students love this memorable holiday and can’t wait for next year.