Interims can help students improve grades

Camryn Mitchell

Jackson-Milton High School is filled with smart, hardworking students. No matter what, some students still stress weeks before grades come out.  In order to help the students prepare,  interims get sent out a couple weeks prior to the end of the 9 weeks.

Interims help a lot of kids out, it shows where they need to stay focused on and what areas they could use some help on. They have plenty of time to get feedback from their teachers and fix the problems that have arisen so they can improve their grades in time.

There are many techniques to keep grades up for interims and report cards.  These tips include studying and not staying up late, continuing to turn work in on time, and if you are struggling to ask for help.

Dana Saunders, a junior at Jackson-Milton says, “The interims have had many benefits in helping me stay focused and get good grades, when they get sent out I look and see what I could improve on or make better in time for my grades to get sent home. I stay on task while I’m at school and still have time to have fun.”

Obviously if you care enough anything can happen, you just have to stay focused and work for the grades you are earning.

Another student at Jackson-Milton, Logan Grunder, says, “Interims are a great way for me to prepare for the 9 weeks grades and to stay focused. When I need help, I ask and it shows me what I need to improve on, it really is a great way for me to bring up my grades.”

Don’t look at interims as something to fear, use them to help you improve!