JM institutes new Work-based Learning program for working seniors

Rochelle Morelli

John Landis

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Have you ever thought about leaving school two hours early? Well, if you’re a senior at Jackson- Milton High School, we’ve got some good news for you. This year at Jackson- Milton, we have started a “work based learning” program for students who have jobs and/or volunteer community service hours.

Mrs. Wiery stated, “I have tried to implement this program for a few years now. This year is the year that Mr. Vega let me follow through with the idea.”

Mrs. Wiery thought the plan would benefit the students down the road. Mrs. Wiery stated, “I believe if treated properly and taken advantage of in the most positive way, this program will be very beneficial to very many students who work a lot and go back and forth between sports, work and school.”

Mrs. Wiery has high hopes that this plan will work out for the students, “I believe in the class of 2020.” 

That being said, there are many students in the class of 2020 that are in this program who are very excited to be given this opportunity.

Student Anthony Eppendorfer comments, “Gives me an early start at work so I won’t have to work until so late in the evenings.”

Student Shane Davis also comments, “I don’t work every day of the week, but it gives me more room to go into work earlier so I won’t have to take time out of my weekend to work.”

The excitement for the opportunity is very clear.

Student Dacota Simons states, “It gives me more time to work and gives me more hours than if I had a regular school day. I hope that other students can also benefit from this program.” Dacota is a new student at Jackson- Milton this year.

Student Logan Firby adds, “It takes a load off my shoulders knowing that I have some extra hours to my work schedule. More hours equals more money.”

Good Luck to the Class of 2020 involved in the Early Release program!