JM Blue Jays host Teacher and Military Appreciation Nights

John Landis

Mr. Sachire

In the Jackson- Milton community during the home games, all the representatives involved are very proud to host both Military Appreciation night and Teacher Appreciation night. Each of these nights are very proud events for our teachers and local veterans.  Mr. Sachire, who also had a big part in putting together these events, had a great deal to say about these nights.

Mr. Sachire believes these events mean a lot to the Jackson- Milton Community.

Mr. Sachire said, “This sets a good example to our community about our school district and what these people are all about. The veterans that come out for Military Appreciation night are absolutely satisfied with the respect that we pay them and the people who sit in the crowd watching usually have parents, who are grandparents to the players are very pleased to see that we as a community are able to recognize our local veterans.”

Mr. Sachire is very proud of these events that our school hosts on Friday nights. Mr. Sachire also stated the teachers felt honored to be appreciated   Sachire stated, “What many of you students don’t realize is how much a teacher truly has to deal with on a daily basis.  Just as any student or player would like to get complimented on their performance, a teacher would like it if a teacher receives the same treatment. Teacher Appreciation night for a teacher is that little compliment that we look forward to. I think many of the teachers around here would tell you the same thing.”

Mr. Sachire feels very appreciated. When asked what positives and/or negatives Mr. Sachire could pull out from these events he commented, “Strictly positive, I’ve been here for thirty eight years teaching and coaching at this school and as these nights transpire, you really want to see the younger kids influenced by the display. More often than not, they are. That, as a teacher, is all you can really hope to see.”

Mr. Sachire also stated, “I am hopeful that these events will continue on for our school/ football history for years to come. This is truly an event that I feel that all students and players deserve to see.”

Thank you Mr. Sachire for your time and good luck to the students and teachers on a successful school year.