SADD students promote positive choices during Prom Promise Week


Sydney Miller-Snyder

Prom Promise is the week before prom and it was made to remind students of the harmful effects driving under the influence can cause. Over the week there were multiple activities such as signing pledges, catching and throwing a ball with impairment goggles, a guest speaker, and a raffle for students who wear their seatbelts.

In addition to the activities, every day had a different theme including  American Monday (students wear red, white, and blue), Twinning Tuesday, Western Wednesday, That’s my Team Thursday, and We love our Blue Jays Friday (wear your prom shirt or any shade of red).

Mrs. Reyes, co-advisor of SADD, helps explains prom promise week by stating, “To spread awareness to promote positive behaviors during prom and graduation season. We want our students to be aware of the dangers of texting and driving and driving under the influence.”

The junior class also went on a trip to Hiram College, to watch a presentation on the effects of drinking and driving.

Brianna Shannon, junior of Jackson-Milton High School stated about the presentation, “It was impactful, we got to hear different speakers, watched videos and saw a staged accident.”

In addition, the senior class went to the Mahoning County Sheriff Office to see the effects of driving under the influence and texting and driving.

Destiny Douglas, senior at Jackson-Milton High School, showed interest in the field trip by stating, “I believe that the jail trip is a good thing because it is used as a wake up call for many kids. The jail trip shows the conquences of destructive behaviors and more schools should consider taking part in something like this.”

Prom this year was called Rustic Romance and was held May 18, 2019 starting at 6-9 at Village Banquet Center.